Monday, August 13, 2007

That Face!

There are so many things that I get great enjoyment out of in this world, but these boys, by far, are what give me reason to smile everyday! (Of course they are also the reason I have pain and frustration, but that's another blog and the joy outweighs the pain!) Anyway, there are those rare moments that you capture something that just snags your heart and this photo is one of them. I think that Gage jsut has the face of an angel. Pure, innocent and dripping with sweetness! I won't comment on the fact that there are times where his personality is so far from that I just wonder if someone switched him at birth, because everyone knows what a ray of sunshine ~I~ am at all times ;) These are those frozen moments in time that I will look back on when I am an old (okay old-er) woman and miss terribly, when they don't call. They don't write. They don't visit. When I'm alone........

And enjoying every minute of it!!! LOL
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