Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day

Wow has it really been since September that I wrote something? I guess I really am a busy person!

Well, I got what I was hoping for and we got a snow day today! Chase was to be driven to and from school for 2 days due to an incident involving him being kicked where it counts and his follow-up of "I'm going to kill you" to said kicker. Well, the injust part of this was the kicker did the kicking the evening before while Chase did the threatening at the bus stop. Hence, he was kicked off the bus. Apparently you can't say things like this in the society that we live in. And while I do understand the prinicpals point, I find God has a sense of humor and gave us a delay yesterday and no school today. Thanks God!

So, what did we do with this lovely day? Well, Chase and Gage thought it would be a great idea to work on the Erector Set that the family got for Christmas. Yea! Excitment. Anticipation. Happiness. Until it got hard. Mom? Mom? Can you help? We need you again Mom. Okay, Flash forward an hour. Gage is gone. Chase is gone. Even Asa is gone. Austin? He never showed up. There is am spending the better part of today obsessed with finishing it now. I like to think I am pretty darn handy, but these directions suck! SUCK! I screwed it all up. SO we have a sort of car with a running motor that doesn't really move because, well, I screwed it up. *sigh*

On a side not the boys enjoyed their day off. Got some sledding in. And God answered my day off prayer with a yes.

Life is Good. :)