Monday, March 30, 2009

Twas the Night Before.....

I probably sound a little like a freak here, but I don't care! I am so fling flanging excited for TOMORROW!! We won our last game with a score of 6-2 and tomorrow night is the Freshman PIHL Division Championship!! Now I am not much a sports girl. I have blogged about my father's great love for me, but crushing disappointment in my lack of fervor for the Steelers. I'm kidding of course, it wasn't crushing disappointment, more like a light pressuring disappointment ;) I painted the van windows last week, they lasted all week and just needed a bit of a touch up.

I made a poster for one of the hockey grandma's to have up in the enclosed balcony area to watch the game. The rink is FREEZING and she said no one could see her "terrible towel" from up there so I made this to tape against the glass up there.

So the prims have been kind of taking a back seat to the hockey thing this week. I've noticed in my abscence on EBay one of the people that loves to copy my work is just going to town listing a bunch of things. I won't go there though because I get so upset about it. It just infuriates me. Especially when it's obvious even in her photos that the quality of her work is terrible. *sigh*

Hope everyone is having a good week and don't forget, "Go Lions!!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Catch Up... On Tuesday!

Well, we made it through surgery. Minimal pain. A good bit of swelling though. His face kind lof looked like a square. I asked him if I could pretty please take a picture and blog about him,but he vetoed that rather quickly! Go figure :)

In other exciting news the day I had been waiting for finally arrived on Saturday! The DVD release of Twilight, yea!!! Boy, what a let down. I loved the books, but the movie was very choppy and my Edward was rather meanish in the move, not at all like the one in the book. We watched it at Amy house with her daughter Abby and her friend Shelby and then Amy's other friend Tiffany came too. After the movie and snacks we made up our own version of Terrible Towels for tomorrow nights Semi-final hockey game that Chase is in. I found these bright yellow "utility" cloths in a 2 pack for 50cents at Goodwill! I bought all the had which came out to 10 towels total. Made a paw print stamp and we all made different towels. I think they turned out pretty cool. More colorful in Brown and Yellow then the picture shows.

Hopefully they will cheer our guys on to another victory and we'll make it to the finals. Unfortunaly the game is still an hour and 15 minutes away and it's not until 10 o'clock at night so I will be consuming a bit of coffee!

And last, but not least was yesterday was our anniversary! Happy Anniversary Jeff! I love you :)

DISCLAIMER: This is not my favorite picture, but it's the only one I have handy on the computer!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Round One Won and Dental Surgery.....

Well, we won the first round of playoffs last night! And when I say WE I mean Chase's team! lol But I was a great cheerleader as were Gage and Asa and my fabulous husband Jeff. That is when Asa wasn't busy flirting with 2 little blondie girls that were there. The funny thing was both times he intereacted with them he was sort of bouncing up and downwith his mouth W-I-D-E open like some sort of primitive moneky mating ritual. Weird. Like, "Hey, check me out, I have MOLARS!" Maybe in the 3-year-old circles that's impressive? Anyway, I digress, we won the game against Peters Township 5-1. Chase got an assist and the guys did really well. The next game will be next week sometime, not sure who they are playing yet.

Now the the dental surgery part. Austin is having his bottom 2 wisdom teeth out in about an hour (he had the top 2 out in December of of 07) and they are doing whatever it is they do with 2 traumatic bone cysts that he has. They won't put his bottom braces on until this is done because they say it could affect the teeth shifting back? Personally, I see this skateboarding, hockey playing, brother beating (Chase only lol) kid of mine getting MORE traumatic bone cysts in his future, but, what do I know! So say a little prayer. I have great confidence that all will be well, but even at 15 he is still my baby and I HATE to see my kiddos in pain. *Sigh* I am guessing there is no end to worrying about your kids!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Own Personal Super Hero!

I know you are all very jealous, but lil ole me has her own personal super hero! Well, he's technically a Radio super hero, but I'll take what I can get!

Confused yet?

I'm sure most of you don't know that my hubby is a DJ at a radio station based out of Conellsville, PA. He has a show, aka The Jeff Gerard Show, on Music Power 104. His webmaster (that sounds interesting doesn't it!) has been on him for years to start a blog and I finally helped him get one together. SO I thought I would share with you all my honey's new blog! Stop by and visit him HERE and let him see that there are other crazy prim lovers out there, I am pretty sure he thinks I'm the only one ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it Spring Yet????

Just checking. We've been having some back and forth days, some nicer than others. Gage's kindergarten class has been marking their days as "lion" or "lamb". I remember doing that in school too. It's funny the things that your mind remembers from years and years ago and how it forgets more recent things. You know like your kids' names when yelling them. :)

We've been busy here with day to day things. Hockey is officially over. The varisty team made it to the first round of playoffs, but were promptly out of it after a game with Ford City. The freshman team are starting playoffs next week. Their final game they played Norwin for the first time and beat them, which was exciting as they were ranked number one. I'm really looking forward to playoffs. I know winning isn't everything, but DANG it sure is fun when it's YOUR team that's winning! My friend Amy (yes my Twilight pusher lol) and I just keep saying it's OUR year! I'll keep you updated, even if you don't care ha ha!

The other thing we are in the process of doing is looking to move. We are wayyyy out of space in the townhouse now that Jeff and I are back together it's just way to tight. We are just going to rent right now. We have some possibilities. I have a favorite that he really kind of dislikes, but the location is beyond perfect. The big boys' friends are all within walking distance and the pool is too. They go EVERYDAY in the summer and the back and forth running them places kinda makes me crazy, so the walking sounds GREAT to me!

Unfortunately this has been keeping me from crafting a whole lot. I am looking to set up a booth here and there at the local Farmer's Market. I met a gal online who has invited me to a couple of shows she has organized and she also sets up at the market every weekend, so I'd really like to try it. Her name is Pam and she has the cutest things in her Etsy Shop. The sad thing is she is literally 5 minutes from me and I have yet to meet her in person!

On a side note Twilight comes out in 8 days.....