Monday, April 20, 2009

Come Peek Inside My Bedroom...

Now let me start by saying that I LOOOOOOOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bedroom. I was NOT with my husband when my bedroom started taking the turn to ultra-feminine shabby-chicdom. It is the smallest of the 3 bedrooms in the townhouse that we live in and I really needed a place to kind of call my own. Now that Jeff and I have reconciled he is not super thrilled with the look. Understandably so, but I am loathe to change. I really do love it! hee hee. Anyway. We will be moving in a couple of months when we finally locate a place, so I will try and "man" it up a bit. I also think I will start the process of packing things up and will probably start with this room, so I thought I would document and share it with you all before I do!

The headboard was a dumpster find. The three pictures in the frame above the dresser/nightstand are my 2 grandmother's as little girls and also my mother as a little girl.

This was my childhood dresser.

This is a close up of the picture on the dresser. It is one of my most loved possessions. My dad bought this Thomas Kincaide print when he was in Seattle, he said he just saw it and had to get it for me.

An old window that my friend gave me when the redid their windows in their home.

These are hard to see, but they are my dad's baby shoes that sit on the shelf.

Another garbage find. My in-laws were leaving our house and found this and brought it back for me!

A pillow my mom made that "disappeared" from her house haha

The TV corner.

Boxes I made using OLD wrapping paper that we discovered when my grandmother died. She saved EVERYTHING! I also made a HUGE covered round box for my brother and his wife for their wedding with the paper. I put small wedding photos of all of their parents and grandparents and thought they could use it for mementos from their wedding. I wish I had a picture of it :(

The hats were my father's and the slip and dress he was baptised in. I was baptised in them as well and love having this. It means so much to have the history to it. My brother and my sons were baptised/dedicated in another outfit similar to this, but it was blue and white.

Baby blanket of my dad's.

Whew that took longer than I thought it would for such a small room! Thanks for taking a peek at my sanctuary!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, happy day AFTER Easter! I read a little bit this morning, but didn't see many updates, so I look forward to reading about everyone's Easter over the next few days. We had a nice day. I think little Asa won the award for most chocolate eaten. Honestly, I am surprised he didn't get ill with the amount he consumed. He even ate more than his teenaged brothers!

I spent most of the day playing catch-up with cleaning and laundry. I am on my 6th load. A little behind don't ya think? And as far as the house goes I'm in a pretty big funk because I know we will be moving in the next few months, so I am loathe to put effort into it. Now I have no idea WHERE we are going, just that we are GOING! I'm also in a funk because I am having a really tough time creating. I love to paint on my pillows and do some woddworking here and there and I just can't seem to get the time in and it depresses me a little bit. I really is my therapy. There are so many of you ladies out there that I really admire because I just don't know how you do it? So please, if you have any advice, or hints on how to do it all, please, please, PLEASE TELL ME!! Did I say please?

And just for more my own personal amusement I'm attatching some pictures of Asa. He just makes me laugh. He's definitely a blessing, it's hard to be in a bad mood with this little face!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Break Day 1

Well, it's day one of the kids' Easter vacation. I have to admit, it's been pretty calm here so far. Granted it's only 11 am, but still that's pretty good! I changed the look of my blog a little and added some new graphics to the side. I love the one about reading Twilight in the closet! I am reading it again. It's sad how much I LOVED these books! MUCH better than the movie was in my opinion, but I'll still watch it again!

Not much going on here. Austin and Chase have a dentist appointment at noon. The snow seems to be gone FINALLY! It's supposed to be around 60 here today and I'm thankful for that. Still house hunting and working on some projects. My brother and I are having some fun back and forth on Facebook, trying to claim to be mom's favorite. It's all on fun of course! He KNOWS I'm her favorite! LOL Just kidding Brian :) Although a few years ago I got this picture in an email and I altered it a bit and sent it to him.

Hee hee, I'm bad, but trust me, I have had to deal with my share from him. Ahem, like the time I give him my Run DMC cassette to not tell on me for having friends over while our parents were at work. Yeah, he told anyway. Little brothers!

Monday, April 6, 2009

FINALLY! Some Goodwill Finds!

Okay after seeing all of those awesome finds that everyone had been finding, I decided it's time to take this show on the road and get outta town! The Greensburg Goodwill had been pretty disappointing lately in both what they had and the prices. I guess they have figured out that it is very "in" right now to shop thrift stores and they were going to capatialize on it! So I packed up my mom and we headed down Route 30 to Irwin. Okay, she actually drove and Irwin is only about 15 minutes down the road, but it sounds more EXCITING that way!

We hit the Irwin Goodwill and headed down past there to Salvation Army. Goodwill had a TON of things, but Salvation Army was much better priced. Here are my goodies! At Goodwill I found 2 large wood spools for a dollar each. Salvation Army I found this wooden silverware caddy for $1.99, it was missing an oval insert in the front, but I will just cover that up with something. A mini cutting board for 29 cents and a bag of mini wood eggs for 29 cents. Then for a quarter I got a Teddy's Restaurant coffee mug that I am giving my brother for Christmas or something. Of course he is probably reading this which is a bit of a jam up! It's a GREAT restaurant in Irwin that we have some history with. Our whole family worked their over the years. My dad, stepmom, me, Austin and Chase's dad Clay (that's where we met) and Brian all worked there. Teddy was a great guy and he passed away a few years ago. One of the cooks Tommy bought it and he is literally one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. When Clay died he had no life insurance. We were tight on money, but wanted to do things "right". We had the after-funeral at Rodney's restaurant because that's where Clay and his girlfriend Pam worked. Well, Tommy paid for EVERYTHING. He and Clay grew up together. Meanwhile his boss Rodney didn't even help and it was at his restaurant. But I digress as I usually do!!

Then at Salvation Army I found this prim "curtain panel" for $4.99. It turns out it's a shower curtain. I LOVE it! Not sure if I will cut it in half and maybe use as curtains or cut it up as a runner. Since we are going to be moving at some point I'm holding onto it until we know what we are going to need.

Goodwill bowls, 50cents each. I'm going to paint and prim some up for my mom.

My mom found an old wood ironing board for $10. I took the quilted padding that was on it to cut up for something. No idea what yet.

And to leave you with one last thing for the day. Chase's Language Arts class had been studying The Diary of Anne Frank. They were asked to write a limerick about her. They were told it could be silly, so here it is..
The Diary of Anne Frank ~ Limerick
There was a funky girl named Anne
Poor Anne could have used a large fan
Her last name was Frank
She pulled a few pranks
Anne often ate beans from a can.
Yeah, I know, but it the fan line cracked me up.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Lost :(

APRIL FOOL'S!!!! WE WON! Sorry, I didn't really got to pull an April Fool's joke on anyone, so the blog was the best I could do! It was an awesome game. I was a wreck all day I was so excited. The ride down went quickly and we didn't hit much traffic. We got there in time for some junk food and for Chase to pace until some of the other team got there. The PIHL had someone there videotaping the game and doing commentary, so we were given the opportunity to buy the DVD. It was a really close game. We scored in the first period, they tied it 1-1 in the second period then we scored in the third. Woo Hoo!

These boys worked so hard this year and it was a great experience for Chase. This season started about 2 weeks after Austin and Chase's father passed away and even though Varisty didn't go as far as the Freshman, this really kept their minds busy and gave them a second "family" to have and support them through it all. So it was just a great way to end the season. :) It was so cute at the end they all piled on top of our goalie Andy.

Now we just have the banquet at the end of the month and Spring League, which is pretty low key. And I get to get back to doing what I love to do. Creating Prims!