Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As Austin would say when he is disgusted with me, "Wow Mom" In a sort of long drawn out fashion. Has it really been that long since I posted???? Summer with 4 boys can be hectic. More hectic I guess than I thought! I didn't even craft much over the summer.

So let's see. What's been going on since then? Austin turned 16. Wow. Can't get over that one. We haven't gone for his permit yet. I'm kinda extending that for a little bit longer. Not sure why. He's pretty responsible for the most part, but still. It's scary!

Austin turned 16, we went to Idlewild, Brian and Sarah came home for a visit, we went to the Fayette Fair, we met some Penguins and got some awesome pictures and autographs, I read "The Time Travelers Wife" and loved it, went to a Pirate's game, went to the pool, went to the park,enjoyed the central air on hot days, played in the sandbox, watched "our" kittys play, started school, started hockey, reconnected with come old friends on Facebook, became hockey manager (don't ask!) got back to crafting and listing and building (oh my!), watched the neighbor's cat give birth at our house (another don't ask, but now we have 5 brand-new kittens here!) and finally here I sit today, waiting to celebrate Gage and Asa'a birthday.

What's new with you?????