Thursday, July 16, 2009



I know I have been promising some oh-so-exciting house pictures, but I needed to quickly share a picture of Asa with a brand-spanking-new haircut! If you remember he was probably my kiddo with the longest hair. He's never had a short haircut, so to me he doesn't even look like the same boy. So I have taken to calling him Frank. I'm not really sure why, he just looks like a Frank to me now. :) I am working on getting some pictures together of the new place. We are down to 2 kittens next door and I was not so good a sex detection so the 2 remaining are boys and we have the momma. lol SO don't forget about me while I work on updating soon! :)
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This Country Girl said...

That's so funny! I know what you mean about certain names just fitting sometimes though!

He's a cutie pie!


Cordwood Cabin said...

What a cute pic! And good for you for "adopting" kittens -- there's nothing cuter than those little furry folk (right now there's a kitten crawling into my lap as a type).