Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not feelin' the love.......

Well, here I am the mother of 4 boys. I admit at times it can be difficult, to say the least, to try and plan outings and fun activities, due to the fact that their ages are all over the place. From July to October they will have their birthdays and will turn 15, 13, 6 and 3, sooooo it gets complicated.

Of course what kid doesn't love the beach? My dad and step-mom have a timeshare at Nags Head, NC. and my brother and I spent our summers there and from what I remember it was awesome! Well, this particular timeshare no longer allows pets, thus my stepmom is unable to use it this year, so she has generously offered it to us! Woo hoo, right? WRONG! Now don't get me wrong, the older boys were excited at first. Yea, the beach. Sun, sand, maybe some cute babes. Well, for some reason they were under the impression that Brian (previously mentioned brother of mine, affectionately known as simply "Uncle") and Sarah (not previously mentioned, but nonetheless wonderful, sister-in-law) were going to be accompanying us. When they found out that this was NOT the case, their tune changed. Quite a bit. I think the words used were. Uh. It's just going to be us??? That's dumb. That's not going to be any fun. I don't even want to go. :S

Now in their defense my husband had refused to go. LOL Given the fact I can be very high strung and difficult when faced with things out of my comfort zone. And we fight. A lot. So I can see that this has the potential for being a disaster, but wanted to do it for the kids. Who now don't want to go. So while a bit bummed out, I have to admit there was just a titch of relief in there, a big WHEW if you will.

So in closing you would think this means no vacation this year. Noooooooo! Start spreadin' the news.... We're leavin' today... (August really) And our "little" family of 6 will be heading to the Big Apple into a typical NY city apartment to ruin a long weekend for said Uncle and Aunt. We're going to NY baby!!!

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