Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who are you?????

Well, I am a total slacker at blogging, it's pretty official. So much has changed since April. Most importantly, we are not going to NY. My SIL that I love dearly has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And while the C word it self is terribly scary, supposedly if you're gonna get cancer, this is THE cancer to get! So her surgery is scheduled for July 10th with a follow up of radioactive iodine. So any prayers you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

The other excitement is that the boys are out of school! I did the year end clean out of backpacks and binders and looked through all the papers that somehow I never saw through the year. Some were good, some I'm glad they didn't show me, they would have been grounded. One particular paper stood out to me though. My sweet, sweet Chase, had to write a paper about ME! I found a list of questions that the teacher provided for the children to ask their moms. Suprisingly Chase's was blank. Did he know me so well, he didn't need to ask? Yeah. Right. This boy apparently knows NOTHING about me. And he has quite a way with words. Now I realize some may not know how far off he is with these answers, but let me tell you. He pulled this stuff totally out of his skinny little preteen butt!


Birthday 9/24/70
Food Anything BUT diet food
Favorite Possesion My dad would have LOVED that answer :)
Band hmmm Rascal Flatts maybe?
Movie Star George Clooney
Sports Star Evgeni Malkin
Favorite Day The day ALL my boys were born!

My Chase, he makes my world a more enjoyable place for sure!

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