Monday, December 8, 2008

You Win Some You Lose Some

And oh please, please, please let me post a happy follow-up to this story later. My dear son Austin, you know the great artist, sweet, loving boy from the last post, has lost his ice skates. His pretty darn new skates. And in MY opinion pretty darn expensive skates. Now in the world of hockey $150.00 is really not expensive at all, but that's a ton of money right before Christmas.

I'll try and make a long story short. Austin went skating Saturday night. Had skates in backpack. Stayed at friends house overnight. Sunday they went to the mall. Had to take skates with him. At some point mind went into spacey teenage mode (probably saw a cute girl) and set down $60.00 backpack containing $150.00 skates. Realize loss go to CS. Nothing turned in will call when they are. Here we are. No call. Mother ready to cry. Hockey game tonight at 9.

I'm really hoping some kind sweet honest person turns them in, but we'll see.

Come home skates, we miss you.......

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hey, Jennifer,
You live in Greensburg? I'm right here in California Pa:)

I sure hope they called about those ice skates 150.00 is expensive to me at anytime of the

Thanks so much for stopping by your always welcome.