Monday, April 20, 2009

Come Peek Inside My Bedroom...

Now let me start by saying that I LOOOOOOOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bedroom. I was NOT with my husband when my bedroom started taking the turn to ultra-feminine shabby-chicdom. It is the smallest of the 3 bedrooms in the townhouse that we live in and I really needed a place to kind of call my own. Now that Jeff and I have reconciled he is not super thrilled with the look. Understandably so, but I am loathe to change. I really do love it! hee hee. Anyway. We will be moving in a couple of months when we finally locate a place, so I will try and "man" it up a bit. I also think I will start the process of packing things up and will probably start with this room, so I thought I would document and share it with you all before I do!

The headboard was a dumpster find. The three pictures in the frame above the dresser/nightstand are my 2 grandmother's as little girls and also my mother as a little girl.

This was my childhood dresser.

This is a close up of the picture on the dresser. It is one of my most loved possessions. My dad bought this Thomas Kincaide print when he was in Seattle, he said he just saw it and had to get it for me.

An old window that my friend gave me when the redid their windows in their home.

These are hard to see, but they are my dad's baby shoes that sit on the shelf.

Another garbage find. My in-laws were leaving our house and found this and brought it back for me!

A pillow my mom made that "disappeared" from her house haha

The TV corner.

Boxes I made using OLD wrapping paper that we discovered when my grandmother died. She saved EVERYTHING! I also made a HUGE covered round box for my brother and his wife for their wedding with the paper. I put small wedding photos of all of their parents and grandparents and thought they could use it for mementos from their wedding. I wish I had a picture of it :(

The hats were my father's and the slip and dress he was baptised in. I was baptised in them as well and love having this. It means so much to have the history to it. My brother and my sons were baptised/dedicated in another outfit similar to this, but it was blue and white.

Baby blanket of my dad's.

Whew that took longer than I thought it would for such a small room! Thanks for taking a peek at my sanctuary!


At Home With Amy said...

Your bedroom is very bright and pretty. I like how your ironing board cover even matches the room. Fabulous find on the headboard. You definitely have some wonderful treasurers in your bedroom. When you move, don't man up your new bedroom too much. You worked too hard on perfecting this one.

Benedetta said...

loved the "ultra-feminine shabby-chicdom" terminology :-) and loved your bedroom. I can relate since I am crazy for quilts and my sweetheart initially told me that he would NOT have a bed with pink flowers. Well, I fell in love with this great quilt and bought it so now, guess what? My bed is sooo shabby chic is crazy. Lol. Also I have tons of primitive hand made dollies. In the end I got him converted to quilts actually-since he found he likes the 100 percent cotton.

But anyway, if I can make a recommedation, your should check the Red Lea Quilt- they have it also on Overstock and they call it layanna and I think is very pretty and yet not too feminine.
For the rest I agree with Amy- I think you have such a great taste that you should not make too many changes.

Sarah said...

Oh -I looove it!! Your quilt is to die for - the whole room is lovely!!! Sarah

Sharon/primthyme said...

What a beautiful dreamy bedroom.
Great job you did !!

Prim Hugs & Blessings,

girliegirl said...

I like your bedroom. My bedroom when I was young was all white and my daughter has kinda of a shabby look to hers. I look forward to following your blog.


primitive basketcase said...

Your bedroom is ultra pretty ~ love that headboard.