Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Break Day 1

Well, it's day one of the kids' Easter vacation. I have to admit, it's been pretty calm here so far. Granted it's only 11 am, but still that's pretty good! I changed the look of my blog a little and added some new graphics to the side. I love the one about reading Twilight in the closet! I am reading it again. It's sad how much I LOVED these books! MUCH better than the movie was in my opinion, but I'll still watch it again!

Not much going on here. Austin and Chase have a dentist appointment at noon. The snow seems to be gone FINALLY! It's supposed to be around 60 here today and I'm thankful for that. Still house hunting and working on some projects. My brother and I are having some fun back and forth on Facebook, trying to claim to be mom's favorite. It's all on fun of course! He KNOWS I'm her favorite! LOL Just kidding Brian :) Although a few years ago I got this picture in an email and I altered it a bit and sent it to him.

Hee hee, I'm bad, but trust me, I have had to deal with my share from him. Ahem, like the time I give him my Run DMC cassette to not tell on me for having friends over while our parents were at work. Yeah, he told anyway. Little brothers!

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