Friday, October 2, 2009


So it's cold and rainy and just plain yucky here today. I thought now is a good time to once again take a break from painting and housework and tell you all the tale of 2 kitties. Actually it's more than 2, but it just sounded so good I couldn't resist!

We moved to our new home the last weekend in May. Shortly after we moved we discovered a white and orange cat that came into our yard quite frequently. We assumed that she was a stray because she was rather thin and just seemed like she didn't have a home. We also saw her in our neighbors yard (we had not yet met him) and started to put food out for her. A few weeks into June much to our delight we discovered there were KITTENS over there too! Cute, cute kittens. There were 4 of them. Then there were 3. Jeff finally met the man that lived next door and indeed they were his cats, but he had kicked Momma out and they were outdoor cats. We named them Prissy (fluffy fluffy looked prissy), Morris (looked like Morris the cat) and Scamper (nuff said) He said he didn't mind us feeding them and had already given one away and wanted to get rid of them all.

We couldn't really bring them in, but have been feeding and loving them ever since. Unfortunately someone took Scamper a month or so ago. Prissy has been discovered to be a boy and now Jeff makes us call him Pouncer. They are much bigger now, but have become sweet additions to our family.

The story doesn't end there. Turns out Momma is not spayed and got pregnant over the Summer. She had started being very mean to Pouncer and Morris and thanks to the internet we figured out she was pregnant and due sometime in the middle of September. Meanwhile I had been working on a house for Morris and Pouncer. I worked really hard on finding plans online, buying materials and insulation so that they would stay nice and warm this Winter. Well lo and behold one warm evening as we were cooking out, Momma was around and being sweet as pie. Google and I determined she was in labor and she had five new kittens in my unfinshed house!!!

*Sigh*, now we have 9 cats/kittens living in our yard. Yes, I realize the math doesn't add up, but I didn't tell you about Tom. A big old orange cat that needs and wants petted constantly.

Here he is guarding our yard against groundhogs.. NOT!

So here are some pictures of "our" many many cats! Each of the boys drew a description of each kitten and named one. There are 3 boys and 2 girls, Austin's is a girl. He was bummed out because he named her Thor! lol Anyone want a kitten??????

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