Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay, really no one can help. I got my self involved in all this stuff and now I'm a little overwhelmed!

I just got a call from Gage's 1st grade teacher infoming me that no one offered to be the class parent. Well Gage toldher that I am home all day, so she asked me if I could step up and here I am! She was Austin and Chase's 1st grade teacher too and is really great. Now in theory it doesn't involve too too much. 3 parties a year to organize. The problem is I am so introverted at times and am going to hate making calls to parents. I know, I'm weird! lol The other problem is the first party is Halloween and frankly I am losing it already! Our Cash Bash for hockey is October 17th, so I am trying to sell tickets for that. Then the Ad Book for hockey is winding up this week so I have been busy getting ads for that. Then on top of it I ended up being the Varsity hockey manager, so I am busy trying to figure out what the heck I am doing for that!

Pam from BoyGirlBoyGirl Design suggested this shirt!

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