Friday, October 16, 2009

Living Room

Just in cast anyone still bothers to read my blog since I have been such a slacker, I decided to finally post pictures of my living room. I'd love to pretend that it looks this neat and tidy all the time, but in the interest of keepin' it real, it's usually quite messy! :)
So in random order, here is my new house!

As you come in the front door

Okay, not my living room, but I love this door! It was my girlfriend's in her basement and I have no where for it here, so I turned it into a gardening table. Superhero hubby just doens't get it and calls it my "door to nowhere"

Pictures drawn by my great-great grandfather Cy Loughner in 1930.

Beside my front door.

Going to the kitchen

Stairs up to the loft room. Aka Master bedroom, toy room, craft room.

Sorry about the randomness, I'm nto very good at uploading and editing into blogger for some reason.
In other news I have been getting ready for my first craft show coming in November. If anyone has any good advice. PLEASE leave me comments and comments. I'm very nervous about what I should be doing to prepare!


Benedetta said...

Oh I love your home :-) So many great items! Thanks for posting!

Theresa said...

Your home is wonderful! Looks cozy and inviting. 4 boys, is impressive that you have time to post at all.

Brenda said...

Your house is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love those pictures that your relative did, very nice keepsake. With four boys I don't know how you do it either but at one time I had three boys so I know how it can get at times:)
You have a wonderful, cozy home")

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I see many things that I love, especially Howdie Doodie! You have a wonderfully cozy home!

Anonymous said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Decorating Idea Living Room for your home.

prashant said...

.it is impressive that you have time to post at all.

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Angela said...

I didn't mind this randomness at all. I LOVED it..oh my that red door. Girl, that has inspired me..and I think my hubby will be thinkin the same as