Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is It Really November Already?????

You know I really thought I would be much better at this blogging thing! Being a girl and all and I love to talk. And Heaven knows my kids give me enough material!

I think part of it is due to the fact it's not only been a really busy year, but it has been an exceptionally rough year at times. I thought it was all good after getting through a year of "firsts" since my father died. I thought the holidays would be great this year having gone through last year as a first without him. My mom's mom died a few months back. I wasn't exceptionally close to her, but she was a wonderfully strong woman with the strongest hug in the whole world! lol

But by far the hardest thing I have ever endured in my life is when my exhusband and father of my 2 older boys died. He has endured a life filled with struggles. Mostly all inside of him, but I believe he did the very best he was capable of doing in his life. His parents both died in 2006 and he was so close to his mother. She really was the 1 constant in his life, always there to help him and pick him up no matter what. I know my boys adored this man and miss him terribly. Unfortunately they are at an age where they are pulling away in general and of course they don't want to talk about it. Any prayers for my boys would be much appreciated.

In Loving Memory Clay Thomas Ellis 11-14-70 ~ 9-17-08

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~Beth~ said...

My Dad passed away October 13, 2005 and although it is getting somewhat easier, I feel for your boys. Hard to understand at that age, I'm sure. I will say a prayer that they are blessed with the peace they need. Give them my sympathies and a big hug. :)