Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Interrupt This Life Because Your Kid Forgot.....

Truly, this has been the story of my week this week. It started Monday morning with a text from my dear Chase at 8ish. Never mind the fact that he is not allowed to text at school. "U might need 2 bring my jersey" Well that didn't tell me a whole lot. So he preceeds to text that he needs his hockey jersey as they are taking pictures for the yearbook. So after I take Gage to school I drive to the middle school park a mile away (okay, more like the end of the parking lot, BUT it was snowing) and walk to the side door, buzz the buzzer, gain admittance and head for the office. The secretary was very sweet as she questioned "Didn't he do this last year too?"

Fast forward to Monday night. Austin has a game I ever so kindly and gently (or nag I forget which) remind him to double check his hockey bag before we leave for the game. Austin and Chase both are pretty terrible when it comes to dumping their bags to let all that equpiment dry, so I usually am stuck doing it on the following day and things really get mixed up and spread out everywhere. He gets his usual teen attitude "wow mom, I know it's good, I did" Okie Doke! Game starts 7:15. My handsome hockey player son comes strolling out to see me in the lobby at 7:00, dressed and ready to go! "Mom, I only have 1 glove" Nice, allow me to drive at break-neck speeds to go home and be back at 7:15. (I did make it btw)

Tuesday evening. Chase has a game we are getting ready to leave for. He comes down the stairs a little upset after packing his bag. "Mom, my jerseys are still at school". *sigh* "Chase you'll have to call Coach and see is he has any jerseys". "Can you call Mom?" "Nooo way buddy, this is ALL YOU!". Crisis averted, Coach has one he can wear.

Here we are Wednesday morning. Chase has a field trip today. Needs to bring a lunch. I'm sure you're thinking he forgot to tell me. Nope! He remembered. Unfortunately it's sitting all packed on the counter. He called shortly after he left while on the bus to school. "Mommy I don't know if you'll be mad or not, but I forgot my lunch, can you hurry and run it to school" I should have known with the "Mommy" comment. No 13-year-old calls his mother "Mommy" in front of a large group of kids. Asa is still sleeping and I have Gage to get ready for school yet. Well, I decided that he can learn his lesson today! Yea Me! I'm not totally heartless though. I made a quick call to my dear friend who teaches at the middle school and asked if Chase could have her lunch and would she mind buying hers today. Sweet friend that she is says no problem. It's ham salad though. Blech. Maybe 1 child will learn his lesson this week. Do you think it's possible???

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Cathi said...

I know this was posted a while ago but when I read it, I just had to respond.....been there, done'll get through it. I have 4 myself and BTW, girls are not any better than boys. Only kind of saving grace I had was that Dad is teacher at the same high school they went to. Unfortunately, he also is trainer so couldn't leave EVER (but could give them lunch money). And they weren't in high school at the same time. And Dad was just as bad at forgetting things. And No, he couldn't leave the school to go get his warm clothes to go down on the field that he forgot to put in his duffle bag but Dear would you mind running to the house for me? 3of 4 are out of the house now. #4 is at local college and living at home but has his own car. Dear Hubby hasn't improved much ... sigh. But trust will get through this without having to go to jail or have child services called on ya! Hang in there, girl!