Monday, January 5, 2009

3 Down 1 to Go!

Okay that sounds bad, but after a couple of weeks of holiday hecticness (I'm pretty sure that's not a real word lol) it's nice to have the kiddos back at school. Hence that title that 3 are in school and I'm down to Mr. Asa!

The holidays were actually much nicer than I expected. My brother came the day after Christmas so we had our celebrations extend for a few days. Santa was good to everyone and everyone seemed happy with their gifts. I had such a hard time this year not just thinking of what to get the boys, but also family! Some years I'm on it and this year I was so not! Here are some random pics from Christmas day!

One of the other highlights of the Christmas break was going out for an evening with my brother and stepmom! We met up with Jan's sister and her husband and also her husbands mother. There were lots of Jan's friends that also met up with us and they are really a blast to hang out with! I honestly can't remember that last time I hung out with my brother like that and I really can't remember that last time I went dancing! We saw the Blu River Band. I love country music. My brother, not so much, but he has fun no matter what, so it was all good. Here are some more random pictures of our night out!

Me, Brian and Jan I am pretty cure Jan needs to change the date on her camera!

Brian being goofy. That hat actually wiggled it was pretty funny!

And last but not least a particularly cute picture of Asa I wanted to share.

He really need a haircut, but it's so cute, so I hesitate.

I have been enjoying reading everyone's blogs and seeing what the holidays held in store for all of you. It's great to see everyone enjoying Christmas and New Years. I'm thrilled that it's 2009. I love thinking about all the possibilities that this new year holds. Even though I fear so much about change, even if it's good change, I have my mind set on embracing it.

As one of my most favorite people in the whole world said to me I am going to face this future "with passion and joy, not fearful of what may happen tomorrow, but fearless in spite of it." That's my hope for not just myself this new year, but you and your families as well!


Janene said...

Your boys are way too adorable...althought I'm sure the older ones wouldn't want to be described like that! LOL
It looks like you and your family had a great time out! I bet that was a great way to relax!
Enjoy 2009!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You have the cutest guys in your life especially the littlest one...I kept Michael's hair long like that, it was so cute and wavey, of course that was in the 70's LOL.

I'm glad for the New Year too sometimes change is good:0

Kath said...

OH My goodness...Your boys are DOLLS! ;)

Glad ya had a nice Christmas!
Hey-2009 is gonna be a GREAT YEAR!!


Sharon/primthyme said...

Please visit my blog,I have an award there for you !!!Beautiful Family !Prim hugs,Sharon