Thursday, January 15, 2009

Junie B., Lost and Freezer Bags...

These are a few of my faaaavorite thiiiiings......

I have a lovely voice I know :) So somehow my non-enjoying-reading 2 older boys skipped past the Junie B. Jones phase when they were little, but Gage and I have discovered her and her books and let me tell you we are HOOKED! This is seriously some of the funniest, have-to-laugh-out-loud while you are reading kids books! If you haven't discovered her I give this serious a 2 thumbs up!

The first books in the series cover life in Kindergarten and then she moves up to First grade, so if you have kiddos in this age group, let me know what you think!

Then my heart is beating a little bit faster lately knowing that LOST is coming back on next week! Wooooo hoooo!

Any Losties out there in the blogging world? What also makes me enjoy the show even more is that my father got me started on it. It was something that we had in common and use to recap and analyze every week. Remember I am not a total football nut like my dad and brother, so we needed this! lol Then my brother got hooked, then Chase and it was something that we could all share. So everytime the season starts and ends I got a little sad missing him.

Then there is my unnatural obsession with Freezer Bags. Please tell me I am not the only one?! I keep everything in them! Well, not food so much, but everything else! Puzzles with broken boxes, Star Wars figures, anything with small parts that just get lost through out the toy box, reciepts, everything! I even have moved on to those giant Ziplock bags they sell. I make a huge batch of my little pillows at one time then I can just take it out when I'm ready to paint! Which sadly hasn't been recently, but that's another post. I'm working on it honest!

Hope you all are having a blessed day! :)


Janene said...

I love Junie B. Jones!!!
I am gonna start reading them to Grace...she will be starting Kindergarten this summer!
I don't have quite the obsession with freezer bags that you do...but I love how they keep game pieces together. Anything that keeps things organized gets an A plus from me!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Sydney is in 1st grade and for her birthday and Christmas I gave her Junie B.Jones books...she loves them and is like her grammy she loves to read!
Have a great day,

~Beth~ said...

We love Junie B.! Both of my girls have loved her! She is so funny!

I love ziplocs, I use them for organizing everything!

Kath said...

Hi Jen--I just had to stop by and tell ya...that comment ya left me, just cracked me up!!! :) hubby asked me what the heck the pig was doin on top of the sheep...and even worse......he then said the post titled..."Fittin and round peg into a square hole"...was appropriate!
Ewwww, Geeeeeeeeesh...I never thought of that-(sorta makes me wanna amend my post title now)-

Jo-Anne said...

My now 15 year old daughter LOVED Junie B. Jones when she was little. She always asked for a new book for her birthday or Christmas. We read them together and I laughed outloud many times! She still has them in her room, by the way. :)
I, too, am a ziploc bag abuser. I have them everywhere filled with all sorts of things from quilt tops to jingle bells.