Monday, January 12, 2009

I May Wring His Neck...

This is so NOT what I was planning on blogging about to start off the new week. I will make it brief, as frankly, there is not much to say, but AUSTIN LOST HIS SKATES AGAIN!!!!!

The sad thing is he is a mature and responsible kid for the most part. I mean he really really is. He isn't perfect, but this just stuns me. He went ice skating Saturday night with friends. He stayed over Jake's house, when I picked him up for practice on Sunday his skates weren't with him. He thinks he brought them to Jake's, but they aren't there. No one turned them in at skating. Surprise surprise. If they were left there, someone took them and I didn't mark them so there would be no way of finding them.

At first I was going to have him just be done with hockey and suffer the consequences, but I really really think that he needs this and it's good for him. In general as well as since he just lost his dad a few months ago. Soooo, I'm back to figuring it out. I guess I will probably just get him a cheap used pair from Play It Again Sports and have him just deal with skating on not so great skates.

Please, feel free to jump and offer advice, I'm at a loss as to what to do with this! So those of you that have survived the teenage years, by all means, HELP! :)

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Get him the skates...he needs hockey to skate off his emotions and to be tired. Remember you can always replace skates but not him:)

I'd really talk to him about it, just let him know that it will be used skates from now on...maybe someone is targeting him, I'd really check out the skates on every boy at the next game!