Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Round One Won and Dental Surgery.....

Well, we won the first round of playoffs last night! And when I say WE I mean Chase's team! lol But I was a great cheerleader as were Gage and Asa and my fabulous husband Jeff. That is when Asa wasn't busy flirting with 2 little blondie girls that were there. The funny thing was both times he intereacted with them he was sort of bouncing up and downwith his mouth W-I-D-E open like some sort of primitive moneky mating ritual. Weird. Like, "Hey, check me out, I have MOLARS!" Maybe in the 3-year-old circles that's impressive? Anyway, I digress, we won the game against Peters Township 5-1. Chase got an assist and the guys did really well. The next game will be next week sometime, not sure who they are playing yet.

Now the the dental surgery part. Austin is having his bottom 2 wisdom teeth out in about an hour (he had the top 2 out in December of of 07) and they are doing whatever it is they do with 2 traumatic bone cysts that he has. They won't put his bottom braces on until this is done because they say it could affect the teeth shifting back? Personally, I see this skateboarding, hockey playing, brother beating (Chase only lol) kid of mine getting MORE traumatic bone cysts in his future, but, what do I know! So say a little prayer. I have great confidence that all will be well, but even at 15 he is still my baby and I HATE to see my kiddos in pain. *Sigh* I am guessing there is no end to worrying about your kids!

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One Prim Girl said...

so how did the dentist visit go? I hope things are ok and BTW your blog is awesome and I have added you to my favorites.