Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Catch Up... On Tuesday!

Well, we made it through surgery. Minimal pain. A good bit of swelling though. His face kind lof looked like a square. I asked him if I could pretty please take a picture and blog about him,but he vetoed that rather quickly! Go figure :)

In other exciting news the day I had been waiting for finally arrived on Saturday! The DVD release of Twilight, yea!!! Boy, what a let down. I loved the books, but the movie was very choppy and my Edward was rather meanish in the move, not at all like the one in the book. We watched it at Amy house with her daughter Abby and her friend Shelby and then Amy's other friend Tiffany came too. After the movie and snacks we made up our own version of Terrible Towels for tomorrow nights Semi-final hockey game that Chase is in. I found these bright yellow "utility" cloths in a 2 pack for 50cents at Goodwill! I bought all the had which came out to 10 towels total. Made a paw print stamp and we all made different towels. I think they turned out pretty cool. More colorful in Brown and Yellow then the picture shows.

Hopefully they will cheer our guys on to another victory and we'll make it to the finals. Unfortunaly the game is still an hour and 15 minutes away and it's not until 10 o'clock at night so I will be consuming a bit of coffee!

And last, but not least was yesterday was our anniversary! Happy Anniversary Jeff! I love you :)

DISCLAIMER: This is not my favorite picture, but it's the only one I have handy on the computer!

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Susan said...

Glad Austin is doing okay. Great job on the towels...hope ya'll win. And Happy Anniversary. Have a great evening!