Monday, March 30, 2009

Twas the Night Before.....

I probably sound a little like a freak here, but I don't care! I am so fling flanging excited for TOMORROW!! We won our last game with a score of 6-2 and tomorrow night is the Freshman PIHL Division Championship!! Now I am not much a sports girl. I have blogged about my father's great love for me, but crushing disappointment in my lack of fervor for the Steelers. I'm kidding of course, it wasn't crushing disappointment, more like a light pressuring disappointment ;) I painted the van windows last week, they lasted all week and just needed a bit of a touch up.

I made a poster for one of the hockey grandma's to have up in the enclosed balcony area to watch the game. The rink is FREEZING and she said no one could see her "terrible towel" from up there so I made this to tape against the glass up there.

So the prims have been kind of taking a back seat to the hockey thing this week. I've noticed in my abscence on EBay one of the people that loves to copy my work is just going to town listing a bunch of things. I won't go there though because I get so upset about it. It just infuriates me. Especially when it's obvious even in her photos that the quality of her work is terrible. *sigh*

Hope everyone is having a good week and don't forget, "Go Lions!!"